Baby Girl Skull Clothes

Check out these Baby Girl Skull Clothes

There’s nothing more exciting than welcoming a little girl into the world.  Well, nothing other than being able to buy her a great deal of new clothes!  There’s a ton of adorable and cute outfits and accessories you can buy for the little girl in your life that features skulls.  It’s the perfect thing to throw off the expectations of those around you and to settle once and for all what you think of this little one: That she’s one of kind!  Below is a list of the top five things you should consider immediately buying for your angel.



baby girl skull clothes


This is an adorable onesie for your little one.  It’s a feminine shade of pink with cartoon-like skeleton bones on the torso.  The best part is the little heart over the rib cage.  This is great for anyone looking to buy something that can not only be worn during Halloween, but can also be used as an every night pajama for their infant.  It can even be used as an outfit for outdoor adventures.  You’ll definitely get compliments with this one!



baby girl skull clothes


When it comes to shoes, toddlers have a lot of options.  Most of the time, they’re pretty plain, or lack the detail and creativity that goes into adult shoes.  These pink skulls shoes are not only cute, but they’re anti-slip, meaning that your toddler won’t take a tumble if they go walking in them.  They’re light pink with white skulls on them, and thankfully have no laces.  They go on in a flash, and match a great deal of outfits while also adding a little flair on their own.  A great buy!





Bright, cute, and practical, these leg warmers will come in handy during the winter months while still putting a smile on a great many faces.  The top and bottom have loose elastic, to cling but not hurt those little legs, so even with wiggles, it’ll stay on.  The skulls resemble Mexican sugar skulls, colored with a variety of bright designs.  It’s a colorful and young style, making skulls a light-hearted and fun treat to match with dresses or a onsie.  This winter if you’re looking for something your little one can wear out while also searching for just the right thing to keep them warm, look no farther—you found it!



baby girl skull clothing

This gray onsie is great for any outing—your little one will look like a rocker in the classic design.  Across the right side there is an argyle pattern with two cartoon skulls in white. The monochromatic color scheme lends to the classic but cute look, and the easy-snap bottom is exactly what you need to make sure you’ve got business taken care of in a timely and easy fashion.  This style matches a great many accessories, especially because the subtle colors allow for the addition of more flashy items, such as bright headbands or colorful legwarmers.



baby girl skull accessories

This is the perfect accessory for any outfit and any occasion.  It’s subtle enough to match all hair-types and colors, but the pink felt skull at the center of the frilly band and bow makes it feminine and adorable.  Use this with any onsie, any dress, or just put it on her with a diaper.  It’s a great way of amping up a plain outfit, or adding to one that’s already great.  Show off your daughter’s unique personality with something small but cute.


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