Plus Size Pirate Costumes

Plus Size Pirate Costumes

Halloween is getting closer and closer, and with it comes the need to find the perfect costume. If you’re looking for something that comes in a larger size, most stores have slim pickings. Luckily the internet has picked up the slack when it comes to awesome plus size costumes. If you were hoping to find something historical and seafaring, then you’ve come across some good fortune! Below are the top five pirate costumes available in plus sizes.

  1. Women’s Plus Size Pirate Wench

plus size pirate costume

If you’re looking for something comfortable but sassy, then this is the perfect pick for you. It comes in a few pieces, and the length of the skirt is adjustable, meaning you can wear it to work, as well as that after-work party you’re planning on going to. The layers give the costume a sexy appeal, and the colors are great for any nighttime activities. The only thing to keep in mind is that shoes and jewelry are not included.

  1. Pink Pirate Dancer Costume

pink plus size costume

This pink pirate costume is exactly what you need when you think of the perfect pirate costume. It’s comfortable and classy but will still make you look cute and adorable. The skirt is on the short side, so reserve this one for after-work parties. You’ll definitely catch glances with this sexy, but sweet pirate edition—just keep in mind that it doesn’t come with shoes or any accessories outside of the headband. Feel free to add boots for some additional sexy points.

  1. Dreamgirl Pirate Costume

orange pirate costume

If sexy is what you’re after, then get ready to turn heads. This pirate costume comes in plus sizes, and definitely will show off all the best parts of you. It’s got a short skirt and is pretty revealing, so keep it away from any professional settings you may find yourself in. It comes with most of the accessories in the photo, so there’s not much more you’ll need to do to complete the look. This costume is sure to bring in all kind of treats this season!

  1. Rustic Pirate Lady Plus Size

plus size pirate costume

This pirate costume comes in three different shades of brown, and is also more aligned with a historical angle when it comes to pirates. Though it’s more believably historical, the costume is still sexy and bound to make you look good no matter where you wear it. This costume is warned to fit a little on the small side, so size up. Though it’s a bit on the pricy side, the material is quality and worth the purchase.

  1. Plus Size Women’s Caribbean Pirate Costume

plus size pirate costume

Historical-looking, and with a popular movie tie-in, this costume is definitely the most realistic looking while also being sexy and attention grabbing. Whether you’re dressing up for work or a regular holiday party, this costume is one that will guarantee that you’re the topic of conversation for everyone who catches a glimpse of you. Because it’s so realistic looking, this is a costume that goes beyond Halloween—you’ll most likely get a lot of uses out of it.

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