Skull Maternity Clothes – Our Top 5 Picks

Skull Maternity Clothes – Our Top 5 Picks

Being pregnant shouldn’t mean that you have to wear boring clothes—in fact, it’s a time when people are most likely looking at you the most, and so it’s a time when you can have fun with the things you’re wearing. If skull imagery is something you’ve always loved, then you’ll especially like the list below, which shows the top five items for those lovely ladies.

  1. City Shirts Women’s Maternity

skull maternity t-shirt


This black t-shirt is completely adorable—it features a white illustration of ribs with a red heart and a baby skeleton right over the womb. For anyone looking for a cute gift for a pregnant friend, this would definitely be it. It’s comfy, and cute, meaning it can be worn around the house, or during an outing for some laughs from everyone around.

  1. Spreadshirt Women’s Twin Skeleton

skull t-shirt

This is a black t-shirt with a white rib cage and a red heart on the front—and best of all, a set of twin baby skeletons right over the stomach. If your pregnant friend is having twins, then this is the best gift for her. It’s comfortable to wear, and bound to get comments, so wearing it to a Halloween party is just as acceptable and welcomed as wearing it around the house.

  1. Cafepress Funny Pink Skull Maternity

skull t-shirt


This great shirt is plain enough for every day wear, but cute enough to pull off at a Halloween gathering or party at work. Most of it is a plain black t-shirt, and towards the bottom of the front is a pink and white skull and cross bones drawn in a very feminine and cartoon style. Enjoy feeling cute for a day while also wearing something comfortable and unique!

  1. Cafepress Sugar Skull Maternity

skull maternity shirt

This is a great shirt to own if you’re looking for something unique, with a slight cultural flair. It comes in a variety of colors, while featuring a bright, extremely detailed and colorful sugar skull at the center of the bust. If you’re looking for something lively to wear without easing up on the comfort, then this is your shirt!

  1. Cafepress Red White Sugar Skull Owl

orange sugar skull owl t-shirt


If sugar skulls are your favorite thing to wear, but you’re looking for something different at the same time, then this is exactly what you need. While coming in a variety of colors, this shirt shows a sugar skull on an owl’s body. It’s sitting on a branch decorated with red and white flowers, making it both simple and beautiful at the same time. Need something new without being flashy? Look no further!

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