Skull Shirts For Women You Will Love

Every woman wants to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

Fashion involves getting noticed in the crowd. There are some women who love to dress in colors and designs to match the season.  However, if you want to do something radically different, if you want to stand out from the crowd and display your edgy attitude, then you need to add skull shirts for women to your wardrobe.

Who says skull shirts for women are limited to Halloween? When you wear a skull shirt, you let the world know that you are your own woman and don’t give a damn about what other people think of you. There is a wide selection of skull shirts for women you will definitely love. Some of these have a large plain skull at the center.  For those who wish to display a bolder statement for their love for skulls, choosing a T-shirt that has numerous other smaller skulls in addition to the one big skull will do the trick.


Do you want to show your different motions?  No problem.  Happy or sad … there are skulls to match with and display your mood any day. 

There is no way you can go wrong with such a wide range of shirt colors and skull choices available. Whatever you are looking for, you will surely find that particular women skull shirt you want. At there are endless possibilities for you to complete your skull looks.

Allegra K Lady Skull Pattern Front Stretch

skull shirts for women

This type of skull shirt for women has been designed to fit a number of sizes. For instance, if you are from the UK, and want to purchase one that fits you well, going for size 6 can be a wise idea. For US residents, size 4 is just what you need to order and make yourself comfortable. However, for all operating within the EU, getting size 34 will definitely serve the purpose. The black-colored skull shirt measurements are:

  • International Size: XS/S/M/L/XL, US Size: 2/6/8/12/16
  • Material : Acrylic;
  • Features Long Sleeve, Scoop Neck, Skull Pattern, Pullover Tunic Shirt
  • This model is about 162cm/5.3ft in height
  • product description below for sizing information.

Private label women’s black Marilyn Monroe tank top shirt – sugar skull

This black-colored tank top is soft and comfy considering that it is made from a mixture of three different materials – Cotton: 57%; Polyester: 38%; and Spandex: 5%. This one is available in various sizes ranging from small to extra-large. For the small size the measurements are as follows: Length – 25 inches, Width 14 –inches; Medium size: 26 and 15 inches length and width respectively and the large sized comes with length 27 inches and 16 inches in width.  For those who love putting on baggy outfits, the good news is that at this beautiful and unique skull shirt for women is available in sizes of 28 and 17 inches length and width respectively. If you have been wondering where you can get the right size for you then there you are. Get the best skull shirt for women at and enjoy being the center of attraction among your peers.

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