Our Top 5 Picks for Skull Hoodies

We’re approaching that time of year where going outdoors in a t-shirt fills you with fear because of how chilly it is, and that’s when you know it hoodie and sweatshirt season! For those of you who love your skull art, and everything skull, we have here our top 5 pick for skull hoodies that you’re sure to love this season.

Check Our Top 5 Skull Hoodies

  1. Bang Tidy Clothing Women’s Flower Skull 1 Hoodie

This hoodie has the perfect balance of striking skull art and a bright feminine touch that adds a unique element of style. The design is similar to that of the ‘day of the dead’ skulls, which is a very popular design in both clothing and tattoos, the flowers and vibrant warm colors contrast effectively with the jet black base of the hoodie. The design is extremely simple yet very effective, it’s sure to get noticed wherever you go this autumn and winter.

skull hoodie


  1. Banned Sugar Skull Women’s Hoodie

The art on this hoodie is very impressionable, the white skull intertwined with black hearts and black and red swirls, flowers and other pieces of intricate design work make for a very striking hoodie. The black base of the hoodie is the perfect balance for the ‘noise’ of the skull hoodie artwork. The design doesn’t just stop with the outside of the hoodie, the hood is lined with soft red cotton, which contrasts well with the black. Not only are there pockets on the outside, but pockets on the inside too for any electronic gizmos you may be carrying around with.

skull hoodie


  1. Men’s/Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie Lovely Retro Victorian Purple Skull

This is one of our all-time favourites; the purple, white and black balance each other perfectly to create an ambiance of style. The design is simple, yet intricate in all the right places. The sharpness of the hoodie ends inside the crisp white outline of the skull, the inside of the skull is filled with subtle, simple and softly intricate shading and patterns. This skull hoodie is unisex, and so perfect for anyone for those cold autumn and winter days.

skull hoodie


  1. SKCUTE Hooded Skull Zipper Sweatshirt Skeleton White

This skull hoodie once again contrasts black and white perfectly, in a simple yet very striking way. The skull art on this skull hoodie is much more simple, with black silhouetted skulls sparsely placed on the stark white base of the hoodie, the lack of the intricacy, which worked so well on our other picks, actually creates a fresh simplicity on this hoodie. This hoodie is also pretty lightweight, so can be used in spring and summer also.

skull hoodie

  1. Women’s Cold blooded Sugar Skull Gypsy Tyler Bredeweg Tattoo Zip Up Hoodie Black

This skull hoodie not only looks very cosy and warm, but also is very stylish. The art on the hoodie is unique, vibrant, colourful, and designed by quality multi-media artists. The hoodie is made from premium 100% cotton fabric with a soft design touch and quality printing techniques.

skull hoodie


Hoodie’s are one of those clothing items that everyone has and everyone needs, they’re much more lightweight than a coat, no hassle to carry around if you get the weather wrong, and give you the opportunity to show of a bit of your unique style as you go about your day. We hope with our top 5 picks for skull hoodies you were able to find something that suits you, we purposefully included a mix of both intricate design hoodies, and simple statement hoodies so there’s something to match ever skull enthusiast. Check out your favorites and get the skull hoodie for you this autumn!

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