The Top 5 Skull Gifts

Top 5 Skull Gifts

Christmas is now nearing sooner, and if you don’t start getting your presents now, you’ll probably end up in the mad rush come December. With that in mind, if you know anyone who likes their skull art and all things weird and wonderful, then check out these skull gifts, and make someone you love happy this Christmas. If you don’t want to wait that long to grace someone with your skull gift, Halloween is just around the corner, and some of these gifts would make a perfect addition to any Halloween party.

  1. Skeletal Smart Phone Covers

This skull gift is perfect for adding that extra bit of style to your phone case. Most people have the same few phones, and the same few phone cases, so why not stand out with this unique skull phone cases, with its intricate design, that sends a great impression.



  1. Scary Skeletal Spatulas

Why not making cooking much more fun with these scary skeletal spatula skull gifts. They come in black and silver, which contrast each other, creating striking kitchen utensils that will always be a conversation starter whenever you have guests in your kitchen. This skull gift would also be perfect for when you’re baking your Halloween treats, and especially exciting for any children you’re cooking with who like to fully immerse themselves in Halloween.

skull spatula


  1. Alcoholic Skull Glasses

Now here we come to a product just for adults. These skull glasses would be a perfect addition to any Halloween party, adding that little extra touch that really wins you the ‘best Halloween party’ points. The design is fun, unique, bright, and original. The shot glass has an ‘inner skull’ inside the glass walls, its made from hand blown crystal clear borosilicate glass. The inner skull can hold 2.5 ounces of alcohol.

skull shot glass


  1. Spooky Skull Wall Decals

If you really want your walls to stand out, this is a perfect skull gift, because you also give the gift of creativity. With these skull stickers, anyone can be creative in decorating their house for Halloween, transforming any room into a decidedly scary one. The design is unique and intricate, giving off a classier Halloween look than you’d normal get from Halloween wall stickers.

skull wall art


  1. Macabre Skull Picture Book

This is perfect for anyone who is interested in skulls, the skulls of lots of different animals. The photos are striking and really make you realize how different and yet similar skulls are across the animal kingdom. This could be a perfect gift for someone who likes to sketch or paint, because it provides great practice.



  1. Other Great Skull Gifts

There are a few other great skull gifts that you could give your friends and family, here’s just a few more:

Fashionably Spooky Accessories

Creepy Breakfast Molds

Spooky Sugar Cubes

So there we go, there’s our top 5 picks for spooky skull gifts you can grace your friends and family with this season, we tried to pick gifts that both match a personality type, someone who is interested in skull art, and also match the seasonal element, with Halloween just around the corner. Many of these gifts work perfectly as a Halloween gift, adding that little extra spooky element to your festivities this year, everyone wants to have the best Halloween party decorations and it’s these little extra touches that will really set you apart. We hope you were impressed by our top 5 picks, and find something you’re looking for when you’re looking for your skull gifts, and if you are, purchase quickly in time for Halloween!

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