5 Skull Necklaces You Should Wear in 2017

Sometimes, it becomes too traditional and orthodox for you to buy the same jewelry people buy all the time. You want something different, charming and innovative to create a distinctive image of yourself in public gatherings and parties. Well, here are some of the best skull necklaces you can wear in 2017:

1. Jane Stone Fashion Crystal Skull Collar Necklace Punk Gothic Jewelry

The necklace length is around 22.44’’ along with an extended chain length of 2.75”. You can wear it on Christmas, Halloween, birthdays or a theme party with family and friends.

It is currently available in different colors such as black, blue, purple, silver, red, sky blue, yellow and white. It is also available in mixed color combinations exclusively.

2. YAZILIND Punk Gothic Style Skull Design Silver Chain Collar Bib Pendant Necklace for Women

This punk style skull necklace is made of alloy, which is 17 inches long along with the chain extension length of 2.36 inches.  It would be perfect for you to wear on Christmas, Halloween and casual parties. It is currently available in silver plated color.

3. Controse Women’s Silver-Toned Stainless Steel Heart Rib Cage Necklace 17″ plus 2″ extender

This beautiful and stunning silver toned stainless steel skull necklace is 1.3 inches wide and 1.38 inches in terms of its height. It is decorated with black epoxy and comes with a chain length of 17 inches along with an extender of 2 inches. Pouch is also included within the price.

4. Roma Costume Women’s Rhinestone Skeleton Skull Necklace

This Roma skeleton skull necklace is made of 100 percent pure metal fiber. It can be hand washed easily if required and you can wear this unique and charming costume accessory at casual parties and during the Halloween season. It will definitely boost your charm in public gatherings.

It’s a genuine Roma product and available in gunmetal color.

5. Skull Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

It’s pretty fascinating and charming necklace design which you can wear any day of the year regardless of any particular occasions. It comes with 16 inches chain along with a 2 inches extension of sterling silver chain. It is handmade and will be delivered in exclusive gift packaging.

5 Skull Dresses You Should Try in 2017

Are you obsessed with skull dresses and are always in search of finding good and inexpensive skull dress that you can wear in a cocktail party or at Christmas Eve? Here is a list of 5 unique and innovative skull dresses that won’t only seek attention on this Christmas or in 2017 but it would look amazing on every casual party you go this season:

1. Dresstells Vintage 1950s Rockabilly Polka Dots Audrey Dress Retro Cocktail Dress

This elegant vintage dress comes with a zipper closure, which you can use for various purposes such as going to the prom parties or wear it as a bridesmaid dress or as a casual evening dress. You can also wear it at weddings, birthdays and cocktails parties.

It is available in many different sizes and a lot of different colors. It’s made of 85% cotton and 15% elastane.

Price: $17.46 – $24.99

2. Women Mini Dress, Franterd Christmas Elk Santa Print Long Sleeve Swing Dresses

It’s made of polyester and cotton blend, recommended for both women and girls. The elegant and charming long sleeve, O-neck and printed A-line can just steal the party instantly. It would also be a great dress for your formal parties and as a perfect homecoming dress, which can get you a long lasting impression among others. It is available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

It is available in different shades of black whereas red, blue and green colors are especially made for special occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Price: $7.91 – $8.98

3. CowCow Womens Grunge Skulls Pattern Sleeveless Skater Dress

It’s made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This soft, sleeveless, skull patterned and lightweight skater dress is quite charming and recommended as one of the best causal party wears. It is machine washable due to its quick drying fabric and stretchy quality. It is available in  different sizes, so even if you’re a plus size girl or woman, you can easily wear this to get attention in parties or cocktails.

Price: $12.99 – $20.99

4. Dellytop Women’s Sleeveless Skull Printed Mini Package Hip Dress Plus Size

You can see the Asian size in this image. If you want a different size in this sleeveless skull printed mini package hip dress, you can opt for a different size. It is recommended as a casual wear, club and party wears. You can wear it in spring as well as summer seasons.

Its price is in between $12.99 to $13.99 depending upon the sizes and colors of the dress and there are certain sizes and colors in which you can return free of cost.

5. KaKing Women’s Open Front Back Cut Out Skull Tops

This KaKing open front back skull top is made of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex and wool blend. You can wear it at casual parties, dinners, dates, Christmas Eve parties, prom dinners, wedding, birthdays and cocktail parties due to its soft and stretchy material. It’s quite trendy these days and also quite easy to wear. Also it is hand washable. It is available in different sizes and colors such black, blue, red wine, arm green and grey.

Price: $9.97

Plus Size Pirate Costumes

Plus Size Pirate Costumes

Halloween is getting closer and closer, and with it comes the need to find the perfect costume. If you’re looking for something that comes in a larger size, most stores have slim pickings. Luckily the internet has picked up the slack when it comes to awesome plus size costumes. If you were hoping to find something historical and seafaring, then you’ve come across some good fortune! Below are the top five pirate costumes available in plus sizes.

  1. Women’s Plus Size Pirate Wench

plus size pirate costume

If you’re looking for something comfortable but sassy, then this is the perfect pick for you. It comes in a few pieces, and the length of the skirt is adjustable, meaning you can wear it to work, as well as that after-work party you’re planning on going to. The layers give the costume a sexy appeal, and the colors are great for any nighttime activities. The only thing to keep in mind is that shoes and jewelry are not included.

  1. Pink Pirate Dancer Costume

pink plus size costume

This pink pirate costume is exactly what you need when you think of the perfect pirate costume. It’s comfortable and classy but will still make you look cute and adorable. The skirt is on the short side, so reserve this one for after-work parties. You’ll definitely catch glances with this sexy, but sweet pirate edition—just keep in mind that it doesn’t come with shoes or any accessories outside of the headband. Feel free to add boots for some additional sexy points.

  1. Dreamgirl Pirate Costume

orange pirate costume

If sexy is what you’re after, then get ready to turn heads. This pirate costume comes in plus sizes, and definitely will show off all the best parts of you. It’s got a short skirt and is pretty revealing, so keep it away from any professional settings you may find yourself in. It comes with most of the accessories in the photo, so there’s not much more you’ll need to do to complete the look. This costume is sure to bring in all kind of treats this season!

  1. Rustic Pirate Lady Plus Size

plus size pirate costume

This pirate costume comes in three different shades of brown, and is also more aligned with a historical angle when it comes to pirates. Though it’s more believably historical, the costume is still sexy and bound to make you look good no matter where you wear it. This costume is warned to fit a little on the small side, so size up. Though it’s a bit on the pricy side, the material is quality and worth the purchase.

  1. Plus Size Women’s Caribbean Pirate Costume

plus size pirate costume

Historical-looking, and with a popular movie tie-in, this costume is definitely the most realistic looking while also being sexy and attention grabbing. Whether you’re dressing up for work or a regular holiday party, this costume is one that will guarantee that you’re the topic of conversation for everyone who catches a glimpse of you. Because it’s so realistic looking, this is a costume that goes beyond Halloween—you’ll most likely get a lot of uses out of it.

Plus Size Skull Clothing

Plus Size Skull Clothing

For us larger ladies, it’s sometimes harder to find clothes that not only fit and are appropriate for the occasion we have coming up, but also make us look nice. Sexy and cute clothes often don’t come in larger sizes, and if they do, they fit in a strange way. When we finally do find a piece of clothing in our size, it’s often ugly or awkward. Luckily, there are a great deal of amazing choices for plus size clothing featuring skulls. Below are the top five must-have items for every lovely plus size lady.

  1. Women’s Plus Size T-Shirt Pink Hearts

plus size t-shirt


This is a black t-shirt with adorable, cartoon styled hearts and skull featured at the center of the bust. This shirt is perfect for those who are looking for a shirt that is both casual and comfortable, while also being cute and feminine. Its dual colors allow it to be matched with many items, though because of its casualness, jeans or leggings would work best. Wear it around the house or out grocery shopping—regardless of place, you’ll definitely look cute.

  1. Women’s Plus Size Skull Pullover

skull plus size hoodie


This black knitted pullover has a white, traditional skull and crossbones across the entire front of the sweater. It’s perfect for wearing over virtually any outfit, and would be perfect for nearly any casual occasion. It’s extremely comfortable, and its knitting makes it perfect for colder weather. Layer up for added warmth, and include this pullover for a guaranteed adorable outfit.

  1. Forever Women’s Plus Size Rose Skull

plus size skull leggings


These pants have various different realistically illustrated skulls and roses littered across the legs in such a way that it gives the illusion of a very busy pattern. The gray color is the result of the overlapping images, making these pants great for any nighttime venture. The fabric itself is very soft and stretches, so don’t worry about not looking amazing in these pants. It’s impossible.

  1. Women’s Plus Size Skull Tunic

plus size skull t-shirt


If you’re looking for something adorable that you can wear either for every day things or out for a night on the town, then this is your shirt. It’s loosely fitted, and comes in black with a metallic stud skull at the center of the torso. It flares at the base, which gives it the look of something a bit nicer than just a plain, casual shirt. Because of its basic colors, you can match it with any pants you own—go dark for mystery or bright for attention. This shirt will look great either way.

  1. Bikini Panties with Scrunched Sides (3)

plus size skull panties


It’s important to look good both on the outside of your clothes, but also know you look good on the inside of your clothes. This three-pack of panties comes with three different designs: A skull, a cross, and stars. They’re extremely comfortable, but definitely not your average granny panty. They are too cute not to show off—grab a pack and wear them around!


Clothes with Skulls on Them

Clothes with Skulls on Them

Trying to find your style is one of the hardest things you’ll have to do. If you’re the kind of person who loves a unique look and wants to be edgy without going too far, then skulls are the way to go. They spice up any outfit and add enough personality to get you noticed without being too flashy or too strange. Below are the top five picks for people looking to add a little flair to their wardrobe with some great skull items.

  1. Summer Skull Skeleton Print Skirt

skull skirt

If you’re looking for a cute skirt to complete a perfect outfit, you’ve found it here. This pleated skirt is covered by overlapping skulls from various angles. Because of the overlapping, the skirt blends together gray, white, and black shades. From far away it looks like an intricate pattern, and the closer you get, that pattern becomes the well-placed skulls. The best part is that because the colors aren’t bright or odd, this skirt will match nearly any shirt you can think of, making it the perfect addition to your closet.

  1. Dia de los Muertos Full-length Apron

skull apron

Everyone knows someone who loves to cook. And even if you’re that person yourself, then you’re in luck! This full-length apron will please any chef. It’s completely white with a very colorful sugar skull at the center of the bust. The colors are beautiful and bright, and the design of the skull very detailed. It’s a must-have for all kitchens.

  1. 7 Pack Girl’s Cotton Underwear

skull underwear

It’s easy to look good and feel pretty on the outside, but there are some days when you need to look pretty on the inside too. This pack of panties provides you with plenty of opportunities to feel just as cute with your wardrobe selection under your clothes as you do with what’s on the outside. With seven of them, feel free to spend a whole week rocking a new pair each day.

  1. Spade Kills Women’s T-Shirt

skull t-shirt

For those looking for a casual pick to wear either around the house or for a low-key function: look no further! This blue and white blended t-shirt features a nearly 3D skull on the front with the words, “Affliction American Customs” written around it. This v-neck tee is comfortable and will quickly become a favorite for anyone who buys it. Match it with jeans, wear it to bed, or take it out to the club. No matter where you go, this tee is sure to keep you feeling great.

  1. Allegra K Women’s Long Sleeve

skull sweater

This pullover shirt is black and features a gray skull over the majority of the shirt. If comfort is your game, there’s very little your can find that will beat this shirt. It’s large and spacious, allowing lots of movement. Feel free to put it on to curl up with a great book, or to go out to a casual October party. It’ll make you look down-to-earth and cute while also feeling great. Bonus: The long sleeves and thick material are perfect for the fall and winter months!

Skull Maternity Clothes – Our Top 5 Picks

Skull Maternity Clothes – Our Top 5 Picks

Being pregnant shouldn’t mean that you have to wear boring clothes—in fact, it’s a time when people are most likely looking at you the most, and so it’s a time when you can have fun with the things you’re wearing. If skull imagery is something you’ve always loved, then you’ll especially like the list below, which shows the top five items for those lovely ladies.

  1. City Shirts Women’s Maternity

skull maternity t-shirt


This black t-shirt is completely adorable—it features a white illustration of ribs with a red heart and a baby skeleton right over the womb. For anyone looking for a cute gift for a pregnant friend, this would definitely be it. It’s comfy, and cute, meaning it can be worn around the house, or during an outing for some laughs from everyone around.

  1. Spreadshirt Women’s Twin Skeleton

skull t-shirt

This is a black t-shirt with a white rib cage and a red heart on the front—and best of all, a set of twin baby skeletons right over the stomach. If your pregnant friend is having twins, then this is the best gift for her. It’s comfortable to wear, and bound to get comments, so wearing it to a Halloween party is just as acceptable and welcomed as wearing it around the house.

  1. Cafepress Funny Pink Skull Maternity

skull t-shirt


This great shirt is plain enough for every day wear, but cute enough to pull off at a Halloween gathering or party at work. Most of it is a plain black t-shirt, and towards the bottom of the front is a pink and white skull and cross bones drawn in a very feminine and cartoon style. Enjoy feeling cute for a day while also wearing something comfortable and unique!

  1. Cafepress Sugar Skull Maternity

skull maternity shirt

This is a great shirt to own if you’re looking for something unique, with a slight cultural flair. It comes in a variety of colors, while featuring a bright, extremely detailed and colorful sugar skull at the center of the bust. If you’re looking for something lively to wear without easing up on the comfort, then this is your shirt!

  1. Cafepress Red White Sugar Skull Owl

orange sugar skull owl t-shirt


If sugar skulls are your favorite thing to wear, but you’re looking for something different at the same time, then this is exactly what you need. While coming in a variety of colors, this shirt shows a sugar skull on an owl’s body. It’s sitting on a branch decorated with red and white flowers, making it both simple and beautiful at the same time. Need something new without being flashy? Look no further!

Baby Girl Skull Clothes

Check out these Baby Girl Skull Clothes

There’s nothing more exciting than welcoming a little girl into the world.  Well, nothing other than being able to buy her a great deal of new clothes!  There’s a ton of adorable and cute outfits and accessories you can buy for the little girl in your life that features skulls.  It’s the perfect thing to throw off the expectations of those around you and to settle once and for all what you think of this little one: That she’s one of kind!  Below is a list of the top five things you should consider immediately buying for your angel.



baby girl skull clothes


This is an adorable onesie for your little one.  It’s a feminine shade of pink with cartoon-like skeleton bones on the torso.  The best part is the little heart over the rib cage.  This is great for anyone looking to buy something that can not only be worn during Halloween, but can also be used as an every night pajama for their infant.  It can even be used as an outfit for outdoor adventures.  You’ll definitely get compliments with this one!



baby girl skull clothes


When it comes to shoes, toddlers have a lot of options.  Most of the time, they’re pretty plain, or lack the detail and creativity that goes into adult shoes.  These pink skulls shoes are not only cute, but they’re anti-slip, meaning that your toddler won’t take a tumble if they go walking in them.  They’re light pink with white skulls on them, and thankfully have no laces.  They go on in a flash, and match a great deal of outfits while also adding a little flair on their own.  A great buy!





Bright, cute, and practical, these leg warmers will come in handy during the winter months while still putting a smile on a great many faces.  The top and bottom have loose elastic, to cling but not hurt those little legs, so even with wiggles, it’ll stay on.  The skulls resemble Mexican sugar skulls, colored with a variety of bright designs.  It’s a colorful and young style, making skulls a light-hearted and fun treat to match with dresses or a onsie.  This winter if you’re looking for something your little one can wear out while also searching for just the right thing to keep them warm, look no farther—you found it!



baby girl skull clothing

This gray onsie is great for any outing—your little one will look like a rocker in the classic design.  Across the right side there is an argyle pattern with two cartoon skulls in white. The monochromatic color scheme lends to the classic but cute look, and the easy-snap bottom is exactly what you need to make sure you’ve got business taken care of in a timely and easy fashion.  This style matches a great many accessories, especially because the subtle colors allow for the addition of more flashy items, such as bright headbands or colorful legwarmers.



baby girl skull accessories

This is the perfect accessory for any outfit and any occasion.  It’s subtle enough to match all hair-types and colors, but the pink felt skull at the center of the frilly band and bow makes it feminine and adorable.  Use this with any onsie, any dress, or just put it on her with a diaper.  It’s a great way of amping up a plain outfit, or adding to one that’s already great.  Show off your daughter’s unique personality with something small but cute.

Skull Clothing For Kids: Our Top 10 Picks

Skull clothing is for everyone, whether you’re an adult, a child, a man or woman, boy or girl. So here we bring you our top 10 picks for skull clothing for kids. We’re splitting this up into 5 for girls and 5 for boys.


  1. Ed Hardy Girls Skull T-Shirt

This T-Shirt is very cute, the purple base of the T-Shirt makes it fun and bright, and the Ed Hardy skull art brings it together to create a very cool looking T-Shirt.

skull clothing for kids


  1. Distressed Skull Girls Tank Top

This pick is more aimed towards girls who are a little older, maybe tweens, or early to mid teens. The style is very simple and cool, the black base is very striking, and the distressed skull gives it an eerie afterthought.

skull t-shirt for women


  1. Girl Skull Kettlebell Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This is another cute T-Shirt aimed towards the younger girls. Its’ very simple, the art isn’t over the top or intricate, it’s simple and style, and makes for something a little fun and different.

skull clothing for kids


Now for a few Halloween Costume Additions for girls:

  1. Girls Skeleton Bride Costume

halloween costume for kids

This is a very fun and creepy costume for young girls this Halloween. The costume is very well made, and well designed, with a high level of detail that’s sure to give friends and family a fright this Halloween.

  1. Girls Funky Punky Bones Costume

Costume for kids

This costume is more fun than scary. The bright neon colors on the black base of the costume make for a vibrant and bright look for this Halloween.


  1. Appaman Big Boys Skull Truck Tee

skull t-shirt for boys

This t-shirt is great; it combines several things that little boys tend to love, trucks, and skulls, blue. This T-shirt is very simple, yet has a few things going on, it’s great casual wear and would look very cute with a pair of blue jeans and some converse.

  1. Call of Duty Ghosts 8-18 Skull T-Shirt

call of duty boys shirt

Call of Duty was and still is a very popular console game for boys, and if you have a young man in your life that’s a fan of the franchise, then this tee is sure to make a great gift!

  1. Disney Pirates Of The Caribbean T-Shirt

pirates boys t-shirt

What children don’t love Pirates of The Caribbean? It represents mystery, adventure, and times gone by, fun and fantasy, all stuff that kids love. If you know a Pirates of The Caribbean fan, then this is the perfect gift.

Halloween Costumes For Boys:

  1. Caver The Clown

skull clown costume

Parent discretion is advised on this one. The costume is very unique, very detailed, well designed and styled, but also very, very creepy, this is one creepy realistic looking clown outfit. We think this costume is great and is sure to make an impression at any Halloween party or a fright when Trick or Treating.

  1. El Captain Toddler Pirate Halloween Costume

pirate costume for boys

We return to our pirate theme with this fun Halloween costume. This costume is great for setting of any young boys imagination on Halloween, Pirate is a very popular Halloween costume choice for a reason, and this is one of the best.

So there we go, there’s our top 10 picks for skull clothing for kids, there’s lot of options here for both boys and girls, younger kids and older kids, and also casual wear versus picking your statement Halloween costume. We hope you enjoyed our skull clothing for kids and found something that makes the perfect gift for a kid in your life.

Our Favorite Skull Tops for Ladies

Our Favorite Skull Tops for Ladies

There’s nothing better than finding the perfect top—especially one you can wear just about anywhere. Women are expected to wear a very specific kind of clothing and specific kinds of colors, but everyone should be able to break that boring mold by picking clothes that fit their style and personality. For those of you who love skulls, and love great clothing options, below is a guide to the top five picks for women’s tops featuring various skull designs.

  1. Women’s Skull Pattern Scoop Neck

skull top for ladies

This is an extremely versatile and comfortable shirt. The shirt comes in gray and features a large, very detailed white skull on the front. It’s loose fit is perfect for leisurely activities, and its light weight is great for spring, summer, or fall. Wear it with jeans for a very casual outfit, or add a pair of nice pants to up the outfit a little for an outing. This shirt goes with just about anything!

  1. Afflication Women’s Bell Long Sleeves

skull affiliction t-shirt

This is a slate gray sweater that comes with a hood, and a loose fit. Made with a waffle texture, and with a large, very beautiful skull over the entire front of the sweater. The long sleeves make it the perfect addition for the cold weather, while the style allows it to also be worn alone. The best part? It comes with a front pocket. For a comfortable and practical pick, this is your best option.

  1. Women’s Plus Size Metallic Skull Top

skull tops for women

Larger ladies shouldn’t be excluded from nabbing a cute top—this shirt comes in black and features a metallic outline of a skull off to the side, at the center of the shirt. This is nice, comfortable, loose fit that looks cute enough to take out, and yet leisurely enough to wear in. The long sleeves makes it perfect for the colder weather—take it pumpkin picking and be sure to impress those around you.

  1. Vintage Tassel Skull Open Back Tank Top

skull tops for ladies

This is the perfect thing to wear to a party or club. Going out with friends for a night out on the town? Grab this one. Its dark colors are perfect for night events, and the open back ensures that you’ll be the sexiest one there. This can be worn with jeans or with fancier pants or a skirt—match it with anything for nearly any occasion and know you’ve made the best choice.

  1. Women’s Plus V-Neck Dark

skull t-shirt for women

This casual, comfortable shirt comes in black and shows a very artistically drawn bundle of skulls. Wear it around the house, or out with friends. Its colors allow it to match any kind of pants, and the cute design makes it perfect for both casual occasions, as well as providing you with a cute something to wear out with friends.

5 Awesome Pirate Costumes for Kids

5 Awesome Pirate Costumes for Kids

Halloween is coming, and that means it’s time to look for a costume! The perfect costume for any child is a pirate outfit. Ignoring the fact that they never go out of style, they also allow for layering in case it’s a cold October, and can still look extremely adorable. The trick to finding the perfect costume is to really search for the options that work best with your little one. Below are the top five costumes for this Halloween season.

  1. Pirate Toddler Costume

pirate costumes for kids


This costume, while it might have been intended for boys, can be easily used for your little lady as well. It’s cute, and comes with a full-body costume that ensures it will be warm for a chilly night of candy hunting. If you need to load up some extra layers, a long-sleeved shirt underneath would look just a great and not take away from the costume at all.

  1. Elope Punky Skull Pirate Costume

pirate costumes for kids


This is an absolutely adorable costume for any girl who wants to dress up as a pirate this season. Pirates aren’t usually known for their feminine qualities, but the costume’s added skirt really gives it that flair needed to make it a perfect costume for any little lady. Wear it with boots for added warmth, or a shirt underneath the top. Best of all, it’s appropriate for school parades or Halloween parties held in the classroom, so you won’t have to buy two different costumes!

  1. El Capitan Toddler Costume

pirate costumes for kids


This costume is great for any little man headed out for some trick-or-treating. It comes in several parts, so keep this in mind if your guy isn’t a fan of wearing hats, or gets cranky when it comes to complex outfits. It doesn’t come with the plastic sword, so you don’t have to worry about any conflict with a school Halloween party, but buying accessories for this one is very easy. The long sleeves and long pants will be sure to keep him warm during nighttime trips for more candy, though adding a shirt under the costume is also an option.

  1. Teen Pirate Princess Halloween Costume

pirate costumes for teenagers


Teens deserve some great costume options too! This one is both feminine and unique and offers a wide variety of possibilities of accessorizing it further. While the scarf-that-is-a-skirt may be short at first glance, underneath are full pants, and on top, a full length shirt. This provides the warmth needed for a fall night, but is also appropriate for public parties and schools that allow children to wear costumes to class. Keep in mind the boots are not included, but those are easy to find at a local shop and can even be swapped for flats for a more comfortable night.

  1. Pirate Toddler Costume

pirate costumes for toddlers


You’re not going to find anything more adorable than this costume anywhere else. It can be used with both a boy and a girl, and can be easily modified with a long shirt to provide some added warmth on a cold night. It’s a very easy costume to put together, so it’s perfect for fidgety little ones, or for those parents who are fans of quick clothing changes. It can be worn out for some trick-or-treating, or during school hours. It’s the perfect costume for any Halloween-related occasion. Don’t miss out!