Interview with Tragic Beautiful

tragic beautiful

Today on the blog I am presenting another interview with the clothing company Tragic Beautiful.

Check out the interview:


  1. What got you interested in starting Tragic Beautiful? Share your story.

I have always been into alternative fashion. I would spend hours upon hours scouring the internet looking up alternative clothing and checking out the new breed of indie designers who were getting out there using the mediums of eBay and MySpace to start their own brands.

It was frustrating looking for amazing alternative clothing in Australia back then. There was just nothing around without paying ridiculous shipping costs, that’s if you could even find something you wanted. I realized that there needed to be some options for amazing stuff here that didn’t cost a fortune.

I started with $200 I had saved. I worked nights in the corner of my lounge room after my full time job finished for the day. I only got in and sold what I personally loved and wore myself and from there it just grew and grew. I was never trained in business, sales or marketing. I have just built this business on the idea that if one thing worked, I did more of it. If it didn’t work, I didn’t beat my head against the wall to make something happen. It all centered on what my customers were responding to and what they wanted.

Now we are the biggest alternative online store in Australia in terms of channels, turnover and people working for us. I am incredibly proud of this.

  1. Do you specifically only carry independent brands or do you also design and have your own clothing manufactured?

We used to carry our own brand of faux fur rave wear but stopped when the fur became impossible to import. We are definitely looking at options to produce our own ranges in the future.

  1. How have you gone about promoting your store to others? What’s working for you today?

We try to stay away from traditional advertising. I hate being ‘marketed to’ and I am sure our customer base does too. Our customers are educated and internet savvy, alternative and switched on enough to not want or need someone telling them what is cool or what they need.

We communicate heavily via social media – this gives us the perfect chance to interact, show our stuff, get feedback and actively participate rather than just selling stuff to people. This has always worked for us since the MySpace days.

  1. What makes your store unique from others in Australia?

We were the original online alternative store in Australia. We are the ones that find and bring brands into the country. Before we existed you couldn’t even buy Manic Panic in Australia online! We will always find the best new stuff first.

We won’t ever order in entire ranges of crap – just grabbing anything and everything for the sake of a quick buck. We curate carefully. We select the best pieces our more savvy customer base want and we then showcase them in lookbooks full of amazing images. This month one of our lookbooks was selected to be featured in Freque Magazine! See:

People come to us because we know what they love and we don’t waste time on clutter and rubbish.

We also give heaps back – we have a reward points system set up for customers to get ongoing rewards and cashbacks on orders.

      5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

Global domination!

This year we have put on more staff, revamped our entire web presence and completely redone our website.

We actually have some extra special plans for next year that we can’t release yet but let’s just say they are incredibly exciting so stay tuned.

Interview with Pretty Attitude Clothing

Today on the skull clothing blog I’m presenting another written interview with Christine of the Pretty Attitude Clothing brand. pretty attitude clothing

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in starting Pretty Attitude? Share your story.

We started in 2011 with a small collection of hand-picked designs to sell on Amazon, always on the hunt for unique items, that we could not find in ordinary stores. We  had a vision to turn our passion into a living to create an online destination for all the ladies out there who are ready to accessorize their lives and looks with extraordinary pieces that can’t be found elsewhere. We launched our webstore in 2013 and have ever since assembled an amazing creative team who supports us in elevating a business that we love to work for every single day.

2. I noticed you fulfill all of your products through Amazon FBA, tell us about how that works for you compared to stocking and shipping inventory yourself? Does this vastly speed up and streamline your shipping & inventory process?

Every since our early days when we sold our items exclusively on Amazon we have used their warehouse and FBA services to pack and ship our orders. The Amazon Fullfillment Centers have always been very reliable and fast so we decided to make a deal with Amazon’s FBA services for our Pretty Attitude webstore as well. This makes order and shipment management extremely easy for us since we’ve basically outsourced the entire storage, packing and shipping process.

3. How have you gone about coming up with designs and getting clothing manufactured, what was this process like?

We’ve always taken our inspirations by things that surround us: music, people, travels and of course our customers that inspire us with new design ideas. Our main goal is to keep it unique. Pretty Attitude mainly sells unique clothing and accessories that you can only find on our website or carried in certain stores. We’re manufacturing most of our exclusive designs locally. This way we can be an active part of the process, and turnaround times are much faster and more flexible.

4. How have you gone about marketing your website and clothing? What’s working for you?

Social Media has been an important factor in marketing our website and clothing. Through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we’re able to interact with our customers directly, present new trends and also get their feedback on new arrivals. Our customers are very important to us. Their comments and reactions inspire us in creating new design ideas and also in our buying decisions.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

We’re planning to enter the European market and launching a European webstore in 2015. We’ve a lot of international customers already and we would love to offer them a faster way to receive their orders with us. The packages will be shipped from our European warehouses directly. This way, our European customers will have their Pretty Attitude items a lot faster and don’t have to worry about custom charges and higher shipping rates.

Interview with Matt Young of Deth Kult Clothing

Today on the blog I am sharing another written interview with Matt Young of Deth Kult Clothing.

deth kult clothing

Check it out!

What gave you the idea to start Deth Kult? Share your story.

Well, DETH KULT kind of started about 4 years ago at some point in 2010. I was working full-time as a graphic designer for a clothing/merchandise company and it began as a personal project that I tinkered with in my spare time. Something that I could call ‘mine’. It was initially started a website and blog with the idea that I could showcase some of my personal work anonymously and completely separate from the day job. It wasn’t until the Summer of 2013 when I heard that the head designer of Johnny Cupcakes, Chris Delorenzo, was starting an online course on the website based on ‘T-shirt brand design’.

As I was already doing this with my job, and I was a fan of his work, I figured it would be fun to sign up and see what new things/tips I could learn. As I mentioned, I already had the name ‘DETH KULT’ in use and I just applied it for use within the project for this online course. Before this point I hadn’t actually thought of DK as something that could go on tshirts and certainly not something that could become a ‘brand’.

I really got stuck in to this course and started developing lots of ideas. However, once I had had that ‘eureka’ moment of putting the 2 things together I never really looked back. I developed the logo and some new illustrations with the intention of uploading them to this course but I quickly realised that this was something that, potentially, could actually work.

I decided to put my money where my mouth was and started the brand from my bedroom with a few hundred quid and a website. The small run of tshirts printed at this time were based on some of the designs I had developed for this course. And armed with 2 tshirt designs, 2 beanies and a load of stickers, DK officially launched December 1st 2013. And since then it has been a continued platform for my artwork. In the end I never submitted any work to the online course, and still haven’t completed it!

What are your favourite sales channels for selling online, do you sell outside of just your shop website?

We only use our online store. I didn’t want to over complicate things by having multiple channels. We have had a retail stall at several UK music festivals this Summer, including Takedown Festival, FestiVile just to name a couple, and certainly plan on doing more events like that in 2015.

How have you used social media to help grow your brand?

Social media has been vital for the growth of DETH KULT. Without Instagram and Twitter, especially, I don’t think we would have managed to get this far. Essentially, I have used social media to launch, promote and tell people about the brand. DK can now can afford to do advertising in other mediums because I think that’s important too, but I definitely couldn’t have got to this point without using these mediums.

What are you doing to attract new buyers to your store and what’s working for you?

Apart from now having a bit of an advertising budget for print,etc, we are keeping things pretty much the same for the time being. DK will be 1 year old in December and I never thought things would get this far, so it’s probably best not to rock the boat and just keep doing what we are doing. Ultimately, what seems to work is that we have strong designs (something that a lot of brands don’t have), a brand that customers have really supported and a huge amount of luck. The loyalty and support from the customers is truly humbling and it has helped things grow exponentially over this last year. It’s that positive, word-of-mouth reaction that’s really ‘worked’ for DETH KULT. A kult is nothing without it’s members.

What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

Immediate plans are for the new Winter 2014 Collection. The first handful of designs will be online at the start of November, so I have been focused on promoting that release along with our ‘End Of Summer’ clearance sale. Getting this new line of clothing out is hopefully going to push DK up to another level. There will be a second release of clothing for the Winter Collection, which will hopefully be out before Christmas. But if not, that’ll definitely come out in January 2015. Apart from that, and plans for stalls at the 2015 Summer Festivals, I’m just taking things one day at a time. Who knows what’ll happen? Global domination? Bankruptcy? All I know is that I will be having fun!

Matt Young – Owner/Designer


Interview with John Lipartito of Too Fast Clothing

I am excited to present another written interview here on the Skull Clothing blog. This one is with the Marketing Director of Too Fast Clothing. If you check out just about any of the widely known shops that carry similar lines of clothing they all seem to carry the Too Fast line and for good reason! I personally just signed up with Too Fast as a wholesale buyer and hope to carry some of their products here in the shop soon.

too fast clothing

Checkout the interview with John:

  1. How did Too Fast get started? What was the plan behind starting a clothing company? Share your story.

Too Fast started in 2005 as a total DIY operation in a Philly basement. It then upgraded to an unheated garage and finally an actual building. It’s always been the brain child of Maureen Keough, who imagined it as a creative way to combine her passions for punk and fashion. With the help of her brother Jim—an experienced marketer and tech-head—she was able to grow it into the international brand it is today. We’re still a small business, but we like to think big and that’s what’s kept us moving forward all these years.

  1. How have you gone about marketing your brand and what’s working for you today to drive more sales and find new customers?

Like anything, a lot of it is networking and word-of-mouth. We attend tradeshows in Vegas and London twice a year, which are always good for keeping up with long-held customers and finding new ones. And we make sure to reach out to new and old customers by way of sales reps, emails, and site updates. These efforts have provided us with a loyal fan base and a consistent source for new leads.

There’s also more traditional marketing at work, but we’ve actually done a lot less of that in recent years.

  1. Beyond selling through your store online and wholesale to other stores do you sell on multiple channels such as eBay and Amazon? If so how has this worked out for you as a brand?

We don’t use those channels for our own brand, though we have worked with them in various degrees as a retailer over the years. Our branching-out has been more focused on drop-shipping for various alternative clothing companies and doing exclusives with larger chains such as Hot Topic. This diversification has helped us stay afloat when lulls are had in other areas.

  1. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

It’s honestly really tough to say. We’ve been curating an amazing team over the years and have honed our skills—both business and design wise—in so many ways that we have a lot of options moving forward. I think the first step will be expanding the collections to include larger sizes (which we’ve been wanting to do for years), distributing directly to our international customers, and expanding our sister brands, Rat Baby and Banjo & Cake. Whatever we decide, we’re pretty stoked about it.

Interview with Joseph Edwards, owner of InnerDemon Clothing

I’ve got another interview to share with everyone today. I was able to reach out to the owner of InnerDemon clothing Joseph Edwards for this exclusive interview.

innerdemon clothing

Check out the interview:

1. What gave you the idea to start Inner Demon Clothing? Share your story.

For over 18 years, I worked in an industry that demands 50 or more hours per week of my time (including nights and weekends). I found myself searching for a business venture that would allow me more time with my family. One night, I was online looking for some new t-shirts and I started to notice that all of the most popular brands were starting to look the same; they slapped their name on the t-shirt somewhere and then charged $30-$40 for their “efforts”. So I set out to change the game! I wanted to start a brand that first and foremost used artistic expression to relay the message of the design. Growing up, I enjoyed drawing and took as many art classes as I could. My passion for art made it easy for me to put my vision down on paper. Secondly, I wanted to provide a quality product that was affordable. Everyone has their own Inner Demons. Inner Demon Clothing is here to help you LET IT OUT!

2. How have you gone about designing and manufacturing your clothing? Did you hire an artist to help come up with designs?

All of the concepts and designs of the Inner Demon t-shirts have come from my own experiences, observations, hours upon hours of research and old-fashioned imagination. Once I have finalized my concept in sketch form, I send it over to Royal Ink Design. Royal Ink puts the final touches on it and creates the high resolution digital files. Currently, I am using a couple of different screen printing companies. In the future, I plan to do my own printing.

3. What’s your favorite thing about running an online clothing store?

I would have to say that my favorite thing is the challenge. There are hundreds of independent clothing brands. The challenge is to set yourself apart so that people take notice. I feel like the tattoo-style artwork and the hard-core attitude is relatable to everyone and is what sets Inner Demon Clothing apart. I enjoy the creative freedom that designing these concepts allows me.

4. How have you gone about marketing your clothing and what’s working for you?

Inner Demon has a presence on all of the popular social media networks. Social Media has allowed us to interact with our customers and potential customers every day. We have set up vendor booths at events such as Laughlin River Run and local car shows. We plan to do more live events and conventions this year. Soon, we will expand our marketing efforts to include radio and print advertising. Currently, Inner Demon sponsors a local youth BMX Team (Team B.C. BMX Racing) which has been a great experience. We utilize Inner Demon Clothing for involvement with several notable charities. For example, we participated in the Anti-Bulling Charity Walks with the Nevada PEP and events supporting the Wounded Warriors project. Inner Demon has a team for the Making Strides against Breast Cancer charity walk in October 2014 for the third year in a row.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

I am going to focus on reaching retail outlets, both locally and nationally. I will continue to debut new designs throughout the year while keeping the quality to the high standard that my customers have come to know and trust. Inner Demon is prepared to expand our product line past t-shirts and hats in the near future. I have received many requests to expand the women’s line as well as the creation of a kid’s line, and I have a few ideas of my own. Stay Tuned….

Interview with Janelle Thompson, co-founder of Hookahzz

I’ve decided to start something new here on the Skull Clothing blog! This will be the first of many future interviews with other brands that sell products that are skull themed. Other future brands may include punk, rockabilly, goth, or alternative fashion.

For today’s interview I was able to reach out to the co-founder of a company called Hookahzz which sells stylish e-cigarette’s. Janelle actually found my site last year and sent us a sample, we are proud to be offering their products for sale in our shop as well.

hookahzz e-cigarette

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in starting eHookahzz? Share your story.

When I discovered and purchased my first disposable e-cig and shared with a close friend of mine, we both commented that the design was very plain and we thought we could come up with something much more eye-catching and fun!

2. How do you stand out in such a competitive industry with e-cigarettes becoming very popular?

We offer unique designs, fantastic flavors and one of the healthiest choices of e-cigs and e-liquids on the market today.

3. How did you go about having unique e-cigarettes made? Were all products done as a private label product?

Our products are all ours.  It took us gals a lot of research, development and trips overseas.

We are excited to announce that this year we managed to move all manufacturing to the USA and have managed to keep pricing at a comparable rate. In addition, our new USA made e-liquids now have a vegetable glycerin base with NO ADDED PROPOLYNE GLYCOL mixed with amino acids, vitamins and healthy hemp CBD oil!

hookahzz e-cigarette

4. How have you gone about marketing your website and products? What’s working for you today?

We currently advertise in several magazines and attend industry related trade shows, but receive a lot of business from word of mouth. We offer a quality product with extremely flavorful clouds of vapor.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond with eHookahzz?

We continuously strive to offer a unique, great tasting, healthy alternatives to smoking.  Our customers can expect to see new flavors and amazing CBD-infused products on the horizon.

You can browse Hookahzz products in our shop or on their website at