Interview with Pretty Attitude Clothing

Today on the skull clothing blog I’m presenting another written interview with Christine of the Pretty Attitude Clothing brand. pretty attitude clothing

Check out the interview:

1. What got you interested in starting Pretty Attitude? Share your story.

We started in 2011 with a small collection of hand-picked designs to sell on Amazon, always on the hunt for unique items, that we could not find in ordinary stores. We¬† had a vision to turn our passion into a living to create an online destination for all the ladies out there who are ready to accessorize their lives and looks with extraordinary pieces that can’t be found elsewhere. We launched our webstore in 2013 and have ever since assembled an amazing creative team who supports us in elevating a business that we love to work for every single day.

2. I noticed you fulfill all of your products through Amazon FBA, tell us about how that works for you compared to stocking and shipping inventory yourself? Does this vastly speed up and streamline your shipping & inventory process?

Every since our early days when we sold our items exclusively on Amazon we have used their warehouse and FBA services to pack and ship our orders. The Amazon Fullfillment Centers have always been very reliable and fast so we decided to make a deal with Amazon’s FBA services for our Pretty Attitude webstore as well. This makes order and shipment management extremely easy for us since we’ve basically outsourced the entire storage, packing and shipping process.

3. How have you gone about coming up with designs and getting clothing manufactured, what was this process like?

We’ve always taken our inspirations by things that surround us: music, people, travels and of course our customers that inspire us with new design ideas. Our main goal is to keep it unique. Pretty Attitude mainly sells unique clothing and accessories that you can only find on our website or carried in certain stores. We’re manufacturing most of our exclusive designs locally. This way we can be an active part of the process, and turnaround times are much faster and more flexible.

4. How have you gone about marketing your website and clothing? What’s working for you?

Social Media has been an important factor in marketing our website and clothing. Through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we’re able to interact with our customers directly, present new trends and also get their feedback on new arrivals. Our customers are very important to us. Their comments and reactions inspire us in creating new design ideas and also in our buying decisions.

5. What are your future plans for 2014 and beyond?

We’re planning to enter the European market and launching a European webstore in 2015. We’ve a lot of international customers already and we would love to offer them a faster way to receive their orders with us. The packages will be shipped from our European warehouses directly. This way, our European customers will have their Pretty Attitude items a lot faster and don’t have to worry about custom charges and higher shipping rates.