Clothes with Skulls on Them

Clothes with Skulls on Them

Trying to find your style is one of the hardest things you’ll have to do. If you’re the kind of person who loves a unique look and wants to be edgy without going too far, then skulls are the way to go. They spice up any outfit and add enough personality to get you noticed without being too flashy or too strange. Below are the top five picks for people looking to add a little flair to their wardrobe with some great skull items.

  1. Summer Skull Skeleton Print Skirt

skull skirt

If you’re looking for a cute skirt to complete a perfect outfit, you’ve found it here. This pleated skirt is covered by overlapping skulls from various angles. Because of the overlapping, the skirt blends together gray, white, and black shades. From far away it looks like an intricate pattern, and the closer you get, that pattern becomes the well-placed skulls. The best part is that because the colors aren’t bright or odd, this skirt will match nearly any shirt you can think of, making it the perfect addition to your closet.

  1. Dia de los Muertos Full-length Apron

skull apron

Everyone knows someone who loves to cook. And even if you’re that person yourself, then you’re in luck! This full-length apron will please any chef. It’s completely white with a very colorful sugar skull at the center of the bust. The colors are beautiful and bright, and the design of the skull very detailed. It’s a must-have for all kitchens.

  1. 7 Pack Girl’s Cotton Underwear

skull underwear

It’s easy to look good and feel pretty on the outside, but there are some days when you need to look pretty on the inside too. This pack of panties provides you with plenty of opportunities to feel just as cute with your wardrobe selection under your clothes as you do with what’s on the outside. With seven of them, feel free to spend a whole week rocking a new pair each day.

  1. Spade Kills Women’s T-Shirt

skull t-shirt

For those looking for a casual pick to wear either around the house or for a low-key function: look no further! This blue and white blended t-shirt features a nearly 3D skull on the front with the words, “Affliction American Customs” written around it. This v-neck tee is comfortable and will quickly become a favorite for anyone who buys it. Match it with jeans, wear it to bed, or take it out to the club. No matter where you go, this tee is sure to keep you feeling great.

  1. Allegra K Women’s Long Sleeve

skull sweater

This pullover shirt is black and features a gray skull over the majority of the shirt. If comfort is your game, there’s very little your can find that will beat this shirt. It’s large and spacious, allowing lots of movement. Feel free to put it on to curl up with a great book, or to go out to a casual October party. It’ll make you look down-to-earth and cute while also feeling great. Bonus: The long sleeves and thick material are perfect for the fall and winter months!

Our Top 5 Picks for Skull Hoodies

We’re approaching that time of year where going outdoors in a t-shirt fills you with fear because of how chilly it is, and that’s when you know it hoodie and sweatshirt season! For those of you who love your skull art, and everything skull, we have here our top 5 pick for skull hoodies that you’re sure to love this season.

Check Our Top 5 Skull Hoodies

  1. Bang Tidy Clothing Women’s Flower Skull 1 Hoodie

This hoodie has the perfect balance of striking skull art and a bright feminine touch that adds a unique element of style. The design is similar to that of the ‘day of the dead’ skulls, which is a very popular design in both clothing and tattoos, the flowers and vibrant warm colors contrast effectively with the jet black base of the hoodie. The design is extremely simple yet very effective, it’s sure to get noticed wherever you go this autumn and winter.

skull hoodie


  1. Banned Sugar Skull Women’s Hoodie

The art on this hoodie is very impressionable, the white skull intertwined with black hearts and black and red swirls, flowers and other pieces of intricate design work make for a very striking hoodie. The black base of the hoodie is the perfect balance for the ‘noise’ of the skull hoodie artwork. The design doesn’t just stop with the outside of the hoodie, the hood is lined with soft red cotton, which contrasts well with the black. Not only are there pockets on the outside, but pockets on the inside too for any electronic gizmos you may be carrying around with.

skull hoodie


  1. Men’s/Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie Lovely Retro Victorian Purple Skull

This is one of our all-time favourites; the purple, white and black balance each other perfectly to create an ambiance of style. The design is simple, yet intricate in all the right places. The sharpness of the hoodie ends inside the crisp white outline of the skull, the inside of the skull is filled with subtle, simple and softly intricate shading and patterns. This skull hoodie is unisex, and so perfect for anyone for those cold autumn and winter days.

skull hoodie


  1. SKCUTE Hooded Skull Zipper Sweatshirt Skeleton White

This skull hoodie once again contrasts black and white perfectly, in a simple yet very striking way. The skull art on this skull hoodie is much more simple, with black silhouetted skulls sparsely placed on the stark white base of the hoodie, the lack of the intricacy, which worked so well on our other picks, actually creates a fresh simplicity on this hoodie. This hoodie is also pretty lightweight, so can be used in spring and summer also.

skull hoodie

  1. Women’s Cold blooded Sugar Skull Gypsy Tyler Bredeweg Tattoo Zip Up Hoodie Black

This skull hoodie not only looks very cosy and warm, but also is very stylish. The art on the hoodie is unique, vibrant, colourful, and designed by quality multi-media artists. The hoodie is made from premium 100% cotton fabric with a soft design touch and quality printing techniques.

skull hoodie


Hoodie’s are one of those clothing items that everyone has and everyone needs, they’re much more lightweight than a coat, no hassle to carry around if you get the weather wrong, and give you the opportunity to show of a bit of your unique style as you go about your day. We hope with our top 5 picks for skull hoodies you were able to find something that suits you, we purposefully included a mix of both intricate design hoodies, and simple statement hoodies so there’s something to match ever skull enthusiast. Check out your favorites and get the skull hoodie for you this autumn!

Our Top 10 Skull Bracelets

Top 10 Skull Bracelets

Skull clothing has an excellent range of skull bracelets that complete even the most complex of outfits. Some bracelets contain a high level of detail and others are unique and simple, with one common vein running through all, skull art. Now lets take a look at our top 10 picks!

1. 925 Sterling Silver Ring – Skulls – Face Hight: 8 mm (0.34 inch)

skull bracelet

Beautiful and elegant silver skull bracelet with many skulls on. This bracelet would be perfect for both everyday wear and evening wear because of the shiny silver that would go well with a black dress or pantsuit, and also with any casual outfit.

2. Brightdeal Skull Heads Braid Zen Bracelet 

skull bracelet

This skull bracelet is great for casual fashion wear! It makes a strong statement with the contrast of the black and silver and red, all of the colors tie together perfectly to create this casual statement piece.

3. Easygoby Unisex Punk Rock Black Leather Skull Bracelet Chain with Linked Finger Ring

skull bracelet


Strong statement piece! This is a very unique piece of jewelry that works very well for casual fashion wear.

4. Hand Woven Turquoise & Cream Skull Bracelet for Women

skull bracelet

Perfect for casual fashion wear! The black contrasts well with the turquoise and cream in this simple and stylish bracelet.

5. Han Made Bead Pu Leather Bracelets Triple Band Skull Desing 8.5 Inches Include a Gift Puuch

skull bracelet


This unisex skull bracelet is perfect for casual wear. The bracelet is very stylish with many layers to it, from the leather, to the to the beads and the skull.

6. Jewelry Kingdom Lace Pirate skull Halloween Chain Wristband Bracelet

skull bracelet


Very delicate and unique looking skull bracelet, perfect addition to a Halloween outfit.

7. Skull Bracelet Adjustable

skull bracelet7


This skull bracelet is very stylish with its contrasting black and silver colors, along with the shiny beads. It makes a great addition to any casual outfit. It’s also adjustable, so it’s perfect for all sizes, and it’s also on sale!

8. Tibetan Prayer Beads Black Skull Bracelet, Skull Beads, Skull Prayer Beads, Skull Wrist Mala

skull bracelet


Perfect for casual wear, this skull bracelet is made entirely of black skulls and will work well for all of your day-to-day outfits if you simply want to add a bit of flair to your ensemble.

9. Silver-Tone White Crystals CZ Twisted Cable Skull Womens Bangle Bracelet with Clasp

skull bracelet


This skull bracelet is simple and stylish, working well with both casual attire and more dressy attire. The silver gold and black colors add a simple but elegant flair to the bracelet, making it the perfect accessory for all occasions.

10. Huan Xun Women’s Skull Charm Light Green Bead Stretch Bracelet

skull bracelet

This skull bracelet is a little different from the others on our list because of the cream and light green tones. Most of the other bracelets focus more on contrasting bold colors like black, silver and gold, but the tones in the bracelet are much more subtle, but still makes for a bracelet that is an excellent addition to any outfit.

So there you go, there’s our top 10 picks for skull bracelet jewelry! There’s something on this list for everyone and for all occasions, whether you’re just going for a casual coffee with friends in the day, or dressing up for something a little more formal in the evening. These bracelets are not only an excellent fashion statement accessory, but also very affordable, and even more so for the ones that are on sale, so if you’ve been on the fence about buying yourself a skull bracelet, we recommend jumping in and getting one right away.

Types of Skull Clothing and Gifts That You Will Love

There was a time when the skull was an icon of ill-omen and was mostly used during the Halloween. But not anymore; it is has made its way into the fashion mainstream. Today, skulls in various sizes and colors decorate all types of skull clothing including women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and trappings. You will find men’s ties, jackets, tee-shirts, women’s bikinis, chic silk scarves, and children’s onesies adorned with skulls.

There are various types of skull clothing and gifts on the market from which you can choose your favorite attire. They come in a wide range of designs and prices. If you are person who finds T-shirts more convenient, the following designs are some of the latest fashions that will make you to look more elegant. 

Drip skull T-shirt

This is definitely one of the skull clothing designs that will attract many compliments from your buddies. The drip skull top is likely to melt faces considering the wild and vibrant dripping skull fashion. Other important features that make this type of T-shirt unique include:

  • The multi-colored screen that brings out a three-dimensional wet appearance
  • Crew neck, short sleeves and a straight hem t-shirt made from pure cotton
  • It has been designed for machine wash  and tumble drying
  • The measurements vary depending on individual size 

Sew Pyramid Skull

skull clothing

If you are looking for skull clothing and gifts that convey information without you necessarilysaying a word, then this is just what you may be looking for. At we have this and others that will give you not only the comfort but also make you stand out from the crowd. Let people read about what you think by putting on this great skull clothing design.

What makes this design great include:

  • The metal stud prints that set off the skull and crossed needle graphics
  • Crew neck
  • Jersey-knit tee
  • Straight hem
  • Short sleeves
  • Pure cotton

Skull Zap

Yet another great skull clothing design is the skull Zap. Considering that the dead have no ability to tell anything, it is only by wearing the sweet shutter shades that make them to appear lively. Let them pop out of your chest and listen to the great tales they convey. This particular design, just like the other ones mentioned above, is made from pure cotton.

In this case, there is more to experience beyond the clothing boundaries. It is here that you will find to beyour best companion when it comes to skull clothing and gifts. Get a glimpse of a wide range of cutting edge design that goes along with all kinds of styles and culture. We eloquently meet and surpass the wants and needs of the modern generation and others to come.

Notably, skull clothing is powerful and inspirational. It is likely that this innovative fashion will enthral the essence of what the youthful generation is all about. Get off the hook and start making life more meaningful by cladding yourself in the most inspirational skull clothing from at the most affordable prices.

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