Skull Clothing For Kids: Our Top 10 Picks

Skull clothing is for everyone, whether you’re an adult, a child, a man or woman, boy or girl. So here we bring you our top 10 picks for skull clothing for kids. We’re splitting this up into 5 for girls and 5 for boys.


  1. Ed Hardy Girls Skull T-Shirt

This T-Shirt is very cute, the purple base of the T-Shirt makes it fun and bright, and the Ed Hardy skull art brings it together to create a very cool looking T-Shirt.

skull clothing for kids


  1. Distressed Skull Girls Tank Top

This pick is more aimed towards girls who are a little older, maybe tweens, or early to mid teens. The style is very simple and cool, the black base is very striking, and the distressed skull gives it an eerie afterthought.

skull t-shirt for women


  1. Girl Skull Kettlebell Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This is another cute T-Shirt aimed towards the younger girls. Its’ very simple, the art isn’t over the top or intricate, it’s simple and style, and makes for something a little fun and different.

skull clothing for kids


Now for a few Halloween Costume Additions for girls:

  1. Girls Skeleton Bride Costume

halloween costume for kids

This is a very fun and creepy costume for young girls this Halloween. The costume is very well made, and well designed, with a high level of detail that’s sure to give friends and family a fright this Halloween.

  1. Girls Funky Punky Bones Costume

Costume for kids

This costume is more fun than scary. The bright neon colors on the black base of the costume make for a vibrant and bright look for this Halloween.


  1. Appaman Big Boys Skull Truck Tee

skull t-shirt for boys

This t-shirt is great; it combines several things that little boys tend to love, trucks, and skulls, blue. This T-shirt is very simple, yet has a few things going on, it’s great casual wear and would look very cute with a pair of blue jeans and some converse.

  1. Call of Duty Ghosts 8-18 Skull T-Shirt

call of duty boys shirt

Call of Duty was and still is a very popular console game for boys, and if you have a young man in your life that’s a fan of the franchise, then this tee is sure to make a great gift!

  1. Disney Pirates Of The Caribbean T-Shirt

pirates boys t-shirt

What children don’t love Pirates of The Caribbean? It represents mystery, adventure, and times gone by, fun and fantasy, all stuff that kids love. If you know a Pirates of The Caribbean fan, then this is the perfect gift.

Halloween Costumes For Boys:

  1. Caver The Clown

skull clown costume

Parent discretion is advised on this one. The costume is very unique, very detailed, well designed and styled, but also very, very creepy, this is one creepy realistic looking clown outfit. We think this costume is great and is sure to make an impression at any Halloween party or a fright when Trick or Treating.

  1. El Captain Toddler Pirate Halloween Costume

pirate costume for boys

We return to our pirate theme with this fun Halloween costume. This costume is great for setting of any young boys imagination on Halloween, Pirate is a very popular Halloween costume choice for a reason, and this is one of the best.

So there we go, there’s our top 10 picks for skull clothing for kids, there’s lot of options here for both boys and girls, younger kids and older kids, and also casual wear versus picking your statement Halloween costume. We hope you enjoyed our skull clothing for kids and found something that makes the perfect gift for a kid in your life.